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10 Best Minecraft Survival Maps You Need To Play

By Eric Soul | Updated 8 months ago | 4 Min Read

Minecraft comes under one of the best survival games. The unique thing about Minecraft is that you can play millions of maps in a single game. You can play in all types of survival atmosphere like the desert, raft, stranded island, dungeon, space, wastelands, forest, or anything that you can imagine.

You can find tons of good survival maps on the internet for free that are available for different versions. Of course, there are premium survival maps that you can buy, but some of the free maps are much better than paid maps.

If are bored from playing survival maps, then you can create your own survival map very easily. People have created magnificent maps that are available for free. Coming to the point, this is the list of top Minecraft survival maps that you need to survive on.

I think all the maps on this list should be equality treated since they are different from each other in many aspects. Before you download one of these maps do check for versions and last update.

Le Monde

Le Monde Minecraft Map
Le Monde

Le Monde meaning “World” in English, it’s all in one survival map of 16 thousand blocks wide. The map has everything that you can imagine, forest, mountains, desert, snow, custom biomes, and secret regions to explore. So if you are very serious about playing a survival map, then you should download LeMonde. Download

Eldaria Islands

Eldaria Islands Minecraft Map
Eldaria Islands

Just like Le Monde, it’s a huge map of 3405 × 3100 blocks consisting of over 50 custom biomes to discover. You can find long rivers, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, deserts, dungeons, caves, and cool stuff that will never bore you. Download


Arctic Minecraft Map

Survive in the isolation on Arctic tundra, think straight to stay alive, or die a freezing death. It’s a beautiful and calming map but at the time very difficult to survive. Most challenging is to find food, you need to cultivate crops to get healthy food. Download

Survival Island Ocean

Survival Island Minecraft Map
Survival Island

This is the most classic island survival map in the Minecraft. The story begins when you are traveling on a ship, suddenly lighting struck your ship and you crash land on a deserted island.

Fortunately, there a bunch of islands spread across the region where you can find some resources to build shelter, weapons, tools, and catch some fish. Surviving can be little bit harder because of limited resources and traveling. Download

Black Light

Black Light Minecraft Map
Black Light

It is a horror survival map set as an expedition to a very creeping looking Russian psychiatric hospital. It is one of the best horror maps that comes with an extra texture pack for making things terrifying. The map is very carefully designed, looks like professional work, and colors used are very synchronous to the story. Download

Infinity Skyblock

Infinity Skyblock Minecraft Map
Infinity Skyblock

Infinity Skyblock as the name suggests the maps has an infinite floating island that is randomly generated. This map is totally unique in the list, offering a bizarre survival experience. Explore tons of islands with unpredictable conditions, biomes, challenges, and enemies that you need to face. Download

Stranded Raft

Stranded Raft Minecraft Map
Stranded Raft

If you are looking for a raft survival then download this map right now. You are stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean on a raft with nothing to assist you. The first thing you need is food, drinkable water, shelter, and stable body temperature to stay alive. There are different challenges to overcome like to make fire at night, craft a map, construct a boat, farm, build docks, build a lighthouse, etc. Download

Wild West

Wild West Minecraft Map
Wild West

Playing this map reminds me of Red Dead Redemption, the world is similar to 90’s cowboy films. The town in the middle of the desert, you can find bars, bounty hunters, notorious criminals, and all-day civil wars. The map is awesome, you need to survive the firing strikes. Download

Horizon Survival

Horizon Survival Minecraft Map
Horizon Survival

It’s a typical adventure, explorations, survival Minecraft map where the player is all alone in the nature of emptiness. It begins with minimal starter resources, requires players to collect, craft, and fight through daily struggles. Discover new islands, unfold hidden stories, secrets, and become the part unravel journey. Download

Deadly Orbit

Deadly Orbit Minecraft Map
Deadly Orbit

A spaceship approaching International Space Station suddenly loses contact due to some mechanical failure. The people aboard the ship needs to find a way to come back home from the deadly space. The map delivers a hostile survival environment with the scarcity of food & water in the silent dark space. Download


So this were my top 10 picks for survival maps in Minecraft, do let me know which is your favorite Minecraft survival map in the response section below. You can find many other good survival maps on the net some free & some paid but I guarantee these maps are worth your time. That’s it for this list.

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