Browser games are fun to play, especially when you are bored or want to have quick fun with your friends. Zombie game is the most common type of survival game that you will find across all platforms.

I used to play plant vs zombies, Left 4 Dead browser, and other zombie games on a browser that used to run on flash. Now flash is dead and all those games are outdated or released on some other platforms. So I will recommend not playing flash games because of security risk.

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Coming on browser games, .io domains are dominating and there are plenty of outstanding games to play on the internet. For today’s list, we will be looking at the top 10 zombie survival games online. There are all sorts of online zombie games in this list: singleplayer, multiplayer, text-based, MMORPG, co-op, tower defense, and strategy.

The best online zombie games included in the list runs on WebGL that has a minimal security risk. So gamer, let’s defend ourselves form mind-freak zombies.

Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier
Dead Frontier

It’s is a free massively multiplayer online zombie survival game sets in a post-apocalyptic city of Fairview. The game requires registration and also has a premium membership. It was released in April 2008 by Creaky Corpse Ltd with singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Dead Frotier can be played as a 3D and 2D, though many player prefer good-old 2D. The players have to fight together against the hordes of zombies. There are other aspects to the game, like avatar customization, chatting, community meetups, weapons upgrades, clothes, items, and missions.

It offers limited weapons and ammo to survive infested streets. The players need to rank up by increasing stat points, Golds, just like MMORPGs. Dead Frontier 2 is a sequel, but not for web browsers. is a 2D top-down multiplayer zombie game, where there are two main character humans and zombies. First, you start as a human, your goal is to build barricades to defend against zombies.

Zombie’s goal to infect human survivors and turned them into zombies. The more you kill, the bigger you become. You can unlock different skins like bear, fish, ghost, boxer, titan, etc. You can find a wide range of guns to kill the infected.

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Find the best hiding place and team up with others to survive the zombie zone. The game has minimal violence, and it’s a casual game.

Zombie Hunters Online

Zombie Hunters Online

Zombie Hunter is a 2D multiplayer game available on the web, desktop, and mobile devices. It’s a run and shoot game with grid tile design. In the beginning, the player holds a simple gun and has to kill as many zombies as possible. With more zombies killed, a new power is unlocked.

You can set up auto-weaponry, mega guns, and take the help of other players. As you level up, you need to kill loads of powerful mutant zombies. Be aware of the touch zombies, if they infect you, then you lose all your level-ups and guns. But you don’t lose the current map.

It’s a 3D player vs player vs zombies IO game that you can play on your browser. The game takes place in a small-town infested with zombies and hostile players. To survive, you need to find powerful weapons and kill zombies to collect power-ups. Scavenge loot, gear up to battle against everyone.

Deadwalk is a lightweight game with easy controls, pixel graphics, and simple animations. Fill your backpack with quality loot, collect ammo, get special bonuses, and to win you need to make your character strong. is a tower defense game with supply chains and zombies. The main objective of the game is to survive each wave of zombies. The day time is safe, you need to construct your base and at night hordes of zombies will attack.

In the beginning, you need to choose where to set your base, place iron mines, and crystal as a source of money and material. If you want to build a defense tower, you require ammunition, for that you need canon and for that, you need a canon factory, and for that mines are required.

With each new wave power & number of zombies increases and after every 10 waves, Dread Overlord, the boss zombie appears. You lose when zombies destroy your base. Each tower has its weakness and strengths. The more you stay alive higher your name goes in the leaderboard. You can also get Yorg2 & Yorg3.



WorldZ is a 3D zombie survival game, sets in an abandoned town plagued with zombies. The player takes on the role of a survivor who has to survive this horror alone. The player must find useful resources, collect items, check on health to stay alive.

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Tools like ax are used to cut down trees and craft useful items. You can find good items in the local village but those flood with zombies. The sound attracts zombies, so be careful not to get cornered by zombies, or your life will end.

Zombie Outbreak Arena

Zombie Outbreak Arena
Zombie Outbreak Arena

Zombie Outbreak Arena sets in a horror atmosphere with a lot of darkness, and the player has a gun and a torch. It a top-down game, where zombies of different types come from all the directions. There are five locations: Cross Road, Train Station, Maze, Park, and Road.

You can select from day and night to survive and earn points to level and unlock new skills. You can get power-ups like shield, bullets, night vision, and get weapons like a machine gun, shotgun, sniper.

There is no winning, the only objective is to survive as long as possible. Enable sound to experience the game at the fullest.

Shoot hordes of zombies with, select from various characters: soldier, ninja, robot, monk, nerd, and zombie. Get different weapons tiers: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Place walls to control zombies.

Run or ride a vehicle to protect yourself from zombies. Zombies spawn on the road, so be always alert. Other players can harm you. Place walls and cover yourself with spikes for protection.

You will find different weapons on the ground, choose wisely according to ammo collected. Unlock extra power after every 100 kills. With time, zombies with become stronger and be aware of giants. You can install automated guns for extra defense.

It’s a multiplayer cooperative browser survival game, requires teamwork to fight against zombies. The games sets in the modern apocalyptic world, where zombies are all over the place. A small noise will capture the zombies’ attention. has various survival elements like building a base, upgrading weapons, and crafting tools. With each new wave, zombies become more powerful. The main goal is to build a strong base, upgrade weapons, and collect points.

The game has smooth animations, top-down graphics, and a unique game map. It’s a zombie survival MMO arena shooter. At the start, you will feel boring, but as zombies appear game becomes more fun to play.

Urban Dead

Urban Dead
Urban Dead

Urban Dead is a text-based massively multi-player web-based zombie apocalypse, the player takes on the role of a survivor in the dead city. The game offers four classes to select: military, science, civilian, and zombie.

After the zombie outbreak, the entire city is quarantine, the people inside have adjusted their life along with zombies, and some scientific experiments are performed in the dark. The game follows the RPG element and interaction with other players via chat room.

Last Words

The online browser game is fun to play and games like Dead Frontier and are very well designed. I used to play Yorg on my Windows PC. Text adventure like Urban Dead is very much liked by old-school gamers. Browser gaming will, of course, have a bright future, and with cloud gaming, PC games are easily accessible on the web. And there are many top-notch IO games. Go and kill some zombies.

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