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About TheSurvivalGamer.com

Hey, gamers! I’m Eric Soul, a computer engineer, who has developed few simple indie games, love playing all sorts of games such as battle royale, FPS, RPGs, survival, retro (big fan), story-based, text-adventures, and some VR games. I do have many gamer friends who help me maintain this website.

How Do We Review Survival Games

Any game we review, first we play it, then write your honest opinion and then we compare it with other reviews on the internet. I generally play games on my PC, and other mobile & console games are played by my friends. I do refer to other websites and youtube channels to know more about games. Any review on the site is written by me, or by my fellow gamer friends.

How Do We Rank Survival Games

We are always unbiased while rating or ranking any game. We read dozens of reviews, check user(s) opinion on games, and most of the games in the list, we have personally played.

What is a Survival Game


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