Among Trees Honest Review

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I love playing all sorts of survival games like horror, action, crafting, and open world. But this game, Among Trees, is something else, it’s a relaxing survival game with a chilled environment and soundtrack.

The game is heavily inspired by games like Firewatch and The Long Dark. With no mission, no quest, you just need to survive the dense dark forest. Explore a bright, existing world that is charged to the brim with life. From deep forests to dark caves. Let’s check out Among Trees Honest review

About Among Trees

Among Trees is a small dynamic survival sandbox, takes in a vivid wilderness world overflowing with life. Among Trees is the first game developed by FJRD Interactive, an indie team based in the deep forests of Sweden.

Broken Cabin

The player controls a survivor living in a little wood cabin, dwelled in middle on a deep isolated forest. The player needs to expand the cabin by gathering resources, building new rooms, unlocking other game features like cooking, harvesting, and tool crafting.

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Have you ever wanted to escape to the woods and build a life for yourself in the heart of a lush forest, where your day-to-day focus would be growing your own food, crafting tools, exploring the surroundings, and making your cabin extra cozy? This is the game for you.

Protect yourself in the wild, explore the forest, catch fish, scavenge food, and chop trees to build the cabin. Play stealth to avoid danger form wild, deadly beasts roaming in the forest. Adapt according to the season, stay alert at night, and don’t eat poisonous plants.



The game offers minimal control with a first-person perspective, surrounding in a less hostile and open-ended world. It’s a singleplayer game, has two modes: default mode, where games run on survival mode, and moderate difficultly. While in the “Zen” mode, dangerous animals like bears are removed, the player can wander without getting killed.

Big Bear Attack
Big Bear Attack

The forest is filled with various beings like rabbits, woodpeckers, bears, frogs, flies, and lucky enough, you may encounter majestic stag. The bears in the game are pretty huge. The main actives in the game are crafting tools, weapons, hunting, exploring, gathering, building the house from a broke cabin.

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You also need to protect yourself from natural hazards, rainstorms, cold, and toxic creatures. You can find different varieties of plants, trees, rocks having a specific use in the game. Different things have different uses like healing, woodblocks, weapons, greenhouse, storage, crafting.


As you progress, you will find a secret, hidden region in the world, for exploring different regions, you need to find a map, and for unlocking different tools, you need a blueprint. All over you can have a great time discovering new things in a peaceful forest.

Exploring the World
Exploring the World


Since the game has beautiful graphics and minimal interface, it can run on any budget gaming PC and minimal graphic card requirement is of GTX 670 or AMD R9 270. It also has an unofficial testing version for android, but it’s horrible.

Beautiful Graphics
Beautiful Graphics

I have played this game for 6 hours on my PC without taking a break, it works very well. In this among trees honest review, I found some minor bugs in the game that I think will be fixed very soon. Check out text-based adventure games.

Good Things

  1. Stunning graphic.
  2. Soothing music.
  3. Minimal gameplay.
  4. Update on the go.

Bad Things

  1. Many Bugs.
  2. Lots of trees and rabbits.
  3. Fewer things to explore, a lot to learn.

Future Scope

Among Tree is still in the developing stage, has shown great potential in its early access. I really appreciate the focused concept of developers for giving an epic forest survival. I personally love vector art, and this game has done a great job of providing a next-level fantasy atmosphere. Soon the game will be available on multiple platforms. You can play on a Windows machine.



Note: Rating below in my person rating. Once the stable version of the game is released the rating will get updated.

GenresSurvival, indie, exploration
Initial release dateJune 13, 2020
Developed byFJRD Interactive

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