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10 Best Browser Survival Games [Play Anytime]

If you are new to browser games, let me tell you, they are as old as the internet. I remember playing flash games on on my crappy laptop. Flash games were very popular back then. Now, flash games are fading away due to security risk in running flash on the web browsers, and the advancement of HTML5.

What is a Survival Game

Enough about Flash and HTML5. Let’s talk about survival games on the browser.

.IO games are becoming popular, millions of players are involved in io games. You can find browser games for all different genres, from casual to action to battle royale.

For today’s list, we won’t include pure battle royale games (they do have survival game elements) in the best browser survival games list, because it a huge topic in itself. For this list, we would rank hardcore/pure survival games that you can play on your browser without 0MB download.

Top Free Online Games without Downloads

Before we take a look at each game, you should know some of these games are also available on Android, iOS. So if you are comfortable playing on the mobile then go for it. is a true online multiplayer browser survival game created by an indie team of two French programmers. Survive different climates in the dry land, water, snow, ocean, and island. Struggle for food, don’t catch a cold, gather resources, build a base, and craft unique tools.

Explore the vast world, interact with other players, encounter various mobs like rabbits, wolves, boar, tiger, hawk, fox bears. Fight enemies, some dragons, and embark to find treasure.

Best Pixel Horror Games

The game includes lots of strategies, weapons, tools, crafting, items, biomes, upgrades, resources, and secret regions. The game has occasional updates with new features and improvements.

Don’t confuse it with is the best multiplayer survival game for the browser, includes building, tower defense, and grief survival. It’s a 2D top-down perspective, most common for IO games.

The player controls a yellow dot character (from top), who can interact with the environment, has to gather different resources, and carries a pickaxe. Gather wood, stone, gold to build a base, once the base is set, you need to protect it from other players and zombies.

Destroy other player’s bases or survive mutually, update tools, armor, and other items. Shop different types of equipment and weapons.

Remember as the night passes zombies grow stronger. You need to constantly build a bigger and stronger base.

You start as a small mouse in a dangerous wildlife world, where only survival of the fittest matters. It is a multiplayer casual survival game available for mobile and desktop devices.

You are a tiny mouse, need to eat a lot of healthy food, avoid getting eaten by predators, and watch out for natural traps. As you become bigger in size, you can change species from mouse to rabbit or pigeon or bee. You can be a land animal, a bird, or an aquatic life.

Stay away from the poison gas, eat proper food as per species you selected, and eat other small creatures to grow faster and stronger.

The game is similar to but designed with a survival element in mind. Hunt, defend, and grow that’s the rule.

You have only two choices to kill or get killed. Play

The player controls the Devaster, a creature with big eyes and arms, and looks sinister with white eyes and black pupils. Wandering the forest, you need to explore, gather resources, and build.

Watch out for hunger, keep a check on the health bar, don’t pick unnecessary fights, and eat enough food. At night time be near fire or get frozen to death. Keep watching for hunger, temperature, and radiation status, or the player will blow out.

Build a solid base to defend against ghouls, enemies, and the dark night. You can craft tons of items that include clothes, weapons, houses, and tools. requires a strategic base building to survive for a longer time.

Tiger Simulator 3D

Tiger Simulator 3D
Tiger Simulator 3D

As you already know, in this game you can live as a wild tiger in the forest. The game is created with Unity and has pretty good 3D graphics compared to other 3D games for the web. The surrounding is filled with interactive elements that are well designed.

Survive among the wild with panthers, elephants, and monkeys. Make tiger friends, complete various challenges, and begin your quest. Collect coins on special bonuses! Customize for unique beasts and upgrade your tiger with powerful abilities.

Explore the jungle, hunt prey, feed your family, and survive the laws of nature. Play Tiger Simulator 3D.

It’s a raft survival game for browsers, a pure multiplayer survival game. The player is stuck in the middle of the ocean, the only way to survive is by using limited resources and avoiding dangers.

The player can survive by working alone or can make friends with other players to stay alive, be aware of sharks and player enemies. Build a base to defend yourself and kill enemies with various weapons.

You can move from one raft to another or stay on the island, but not for long. Build a gigantic ship from a small raft and rule the ocean.

Survive in the Forest

Survive in the Forest
Survive in the Forest

It’s the best forest survival browser game right now, has impressive graphics for a browser game and a realistic forest atmosphere. You are sucked in a deep dark isolated forest, and the only weapon/tool you have is an ax to survive in the wild.

The game has lots of building and crafting from the natural resources in the forest like wood, stone, water, branches, etc. Build shelter, find food, watch out for wild animals, and stay alert at night.

The worst thing in this game that can happen is you can starve to death.

Survive the flying creatures, collect all sorts of resources to become a stronger creature. Fly or die, eat creatures with a green border and stay away from creatures with a red one.

Follow a unique evolution growth to rule the entire sky. Kill enemies and power up with new skills and abilities. Check on oxygen and water, the balance between sky and water.

Best Minecraft Survival Maps

Hide in the clouds and bushes, avoid a fight with stronger opponents, and kill weaker, sorry! That’s the rule. Keep on eating to maintain health.

It is an average browser game for teens, but a great game for kids. It can help you pass your time.

It’s a co-op multiplayer zombie survival game, best to play with friends when feeling bored. The world sets in the modern era, a small noise alerts zombies, and then you have to handle the horrific zombie outbreak. has awesome action, requires constant building to survive the zombie apocalypse. With each new level, difficulty increases. So the objective is to collect points and improve weapons and other utilities. More powerful the weapon, more the action.

It requires constant upgrades, crafting, building, weapons, and unique game mechanics. The game has impressive graphics, polished animations, and a high gameplay pace for a browser-based MMO arena shooter.

If you are tired of zombies, then you can go for, its a city survival game. The player starts as a hungry poor guy, struggles to live in the modern city, keeping up with the rapid development.

The player needs to keep a check on sleep, mood, hunger, and waste status. Get a job to earn money or get rich by investing in houses, industries, and shops. You can choose from different working profiles like office work, chemist, secretary, CEO.

As you involve in more things, you level up and earn more money with some special bonus. The money you earned, go to the supermarket, buy some food, water, soda, chips, and daily necessity. Invest that money on some company or start your own business.

The main aim is to earn and control the whole economy of the game.


I love playing browser games when I’m feeling bored and also used to play in college as a pass-time. For survival browser games, I would recommend playing,, and, my personal favorite. Remember one thing, don’t expect browser games to be like Last of Us or GTA. The browser has limitations and is advancing rapidly.

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