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Carrion One of the Best Reverse Horror Games

By Eric Soul | Updated 8 months ago | 3 Min Read

For those who don't know about the reverse horror game genre, basically in these games, you the player controls the bad guy/the killer/the monster and kills other survivors or the victims. Not necessary, if you look like a monster, you are evil, the people you are fighting can be evil as well.

A game in which you behave like a monster, it's a reverse horror game.

Carrion, a Reverse Horror Game
Carrion, a Reverse Horror Game

Some example of best reverse horror games

  • Dead by Daylight
  • Left for Dead
  • Doom
  • The Darkness
  • White Noise 2
  • Stubbs the Zombie

Let's come on our main topic, Carrion.

As I said, Carrion, to be the best reverse horror survival game of 2020 because of a few reasons. Not many reverse horrors games are created and most of them are indie games with an incomplete project. But looking at Carrion, it looks like a hardcore reverse horror game.

Carrion Beast
Carrion Beast

Phobia Game Studio are the developers of the Carrion, playing it makes you the killing machine. It is a 2D pixel side-scroller platformer where the player controls an amorphous creature of unknown origin.

Carrion 2D Pixel Horror
Carrion 2D Pixel Horror

The main goal is to butcher all the people who imprisoned you. Bring down the complete facility, devour all the thing that comes in your way. In the way, unlock different abilities, evolve, and tear down the prison in the way of retribution.

Carrion Gameplay
Carrion Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty rapid, contains frequent graphic violence and blood. The game can easily run on any budget computer available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

About Carrion
GenresAction-adventure, horror, survival
Initial release date2020
Developed byPhobia Game Studio
PublisherDevolver Digital
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

So gamers, be ready to play this amazing horror game with stunning pixel art animations.

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