Dead by Daylight GhostFace Guide – Perks, Powers, Abilities & Builds

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Playing as a killer in an asymmetric survival horror video game is certainly a unique experience. As you know, here we talk about survival games and one of the best multiplayer survival games available for PC, console, and mobile device is Dead by Daylight.

You are playing Dead by Daylight for a while, have some confusion about Ghostface, then do not worry. This is the ultimate guide on DBD Ghostface you can apply on PC, Console, and mobile gaming. Also, this guide will occasionally be updated as new updates in the game are released.

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I won’t be going much into his background, you can read Ghostface’s backstory in the killer’s manual. I will rather focus on what’s not mentioned in the manual, something you can only get by experience.

Dead by Daylight GhostFace Guide

The Ghost Face first appeared in the 1996 film Scream and then it was adapted in Chapter XII: Ghost Face Dead by Daylight as a killer with a unique background story. Danny Johnson, the Ghost Face also known as Jed Olsen.

The Ghost Face is a serial killer with a sharp razor knife, lures his victim by stalking and manipulating then stabbing them multiple times. He kills at random without any remorse and was responsive from multiple murders in Roseville.

Unlike most of the killers in Dead by Daylight, The Ghost Face lives an ordinary life when he is not killing, he used to be a Reporter.

I hope you liked my stories–I enjoyed bringing them to life. Don’t worry, I’m not done.~ The Ghost Face

I’ve been watching you for a while. I wanted this to be special; the kind of headlines that people don’t forget.~ The Ghost Face

He likes silent killing and becomes obsessed with his victim who tries to run away when they are injured.

The Ghost Face's Obsession
The Ghost Face’s Obsession

Dead By Daylight Ghostface Perks

The Ghost Face has three perks: I’m All Ears, Thrilling Tremors, and Furtive Chase. You can start using these perks after reaching level 30. Other killers can find his perks in their Bloodwebs after you unlock it.

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I’m All Ears

It requires Level 30 to unlock, increases keen senses ability while moving in-around the dark realm.

You can sense the aura of a survivor within 48 meters for 6 seconds who is playing very rough.

Aura-reading ability is enhanced for a particular survivor.

It has a cooldown of 40-60 seconds.

Thrilling Tremors

Unlock at level 35.

Your Brutal and merciless gameplay rouse The Entity.

You can block all the generators that are not being repaired for 16 seconds when you pick any of the survivors.

You can see the affected generator with a white aura from far.

It triggers after 60-100 seconds, night assists to kill the Ghostface’s victims.

Furtive Chase

Unlock at level 40.

Your blood lust makes you obsessed with one of the survivors. You can be obsessed with only one survivor at a time.

In the dark, you are hiding behind the shadows and killing all the survivors one by one.

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When you pick your obsession and hood them, you receive 2-4 tokens. Each token you collect your terror radius is decreased by 4 meters.

When one of the survivors rescues your obsession from the hook, the rescuer becomes your new obsession.

If your obsession is killed or sacrificed, you lose all the tokens.

Killer Power and Abilities

The Ghost Face is expert in hiding and his main power is Night Shroud.

Night Shroud

Night Shroud is the unique ability of the Ghost Face that makes him undetectable to survivors.

When the power gauge is full, press the power button to activate Night Shroud.

GhostFace Using Night Shroud
GhostFace Using Night Shroud

With no Terror Radius and no red stain, survivors are not able to detect the presence of the killer. But if one of the survivors reveals the ghost face for 1.5 seconds, that is, the ghost face is visible on the survivor’s screen, then the Night Shroud is deactivated for 30 seconds.

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The survivor who reveals the killer gets the Instinct location of the killer for a few seconds.

While using the night Shroud, if you perform any basic attack, then power will get depleted.


Stalking is the special ability to stalk survivors from 40 meters, and it gives 20-40 extra points.

Stalking victims during Night Shroud and leaning in the shadows, increases the movement speed, and the killer can approach victims without any noise.

Stalking a particular victim for a long time will mark a target causing exposed status effects for a short period.

GhostFace Stalking Survivors
GhostFace Stalking Survivors


Crouching is the special ability to hide from the survivor and stalk them but makes the Ghost Face slower.

Best Builds/Addons/Perks for the Ghost Face

The best build has to be the proper balance of different killer powers which is made from the best Ghostface perks and add-ons.

Remember builds are totally a personal preference, yes there are some better and worst builds, but never the best build. What works best for me may not suit your gameplay, it’s totally normal. I hope you will get some useful information with builds and addons from this guide.

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The ghost is a high tier killer if the player knows how to stalk in night Shroud and places the best build. I will be giving you three types of build each suit best for a particular requirement. Know one thing, no build makes Ghostface the god.

GhostFace Hooked Survivor
GhostFace Hooked Survivor

Bloodthirsty Ghostface

Perks: BAMBOOZLE, Barbecue and Chili, Play with Your Food, Save the Best for Last.

Addons: NIGHT SHROUD, CHEWED PEN, Drop-Leg Knife Sheath, Any Offering.

Meta Ghostface

Perks: Barbecue and Chili, Nurse’s Calling, Surge, Surveillance.

Addons: Night Shroud, Chewed Pen, Olsen’s Address Book, Any Offering.

Flying Ghostface

Perks: Barbecue and Chili, Shadowborn, Thanatophobia, Sloppy Butcher.

Addons: Night Shroud, Murky Reagent, Olsen’s Address Book, Any Offering.

Realms & Maps for Ghostface

In simple terms, Realms represent the theme of the environment like forest, hotel, farm, etc. Maps are categorized based on Realms. Maps are inside the Realms created by The Entity.

Maps in Dead by Daylight
Maps in Dead by Daylight

Recommend Realms: The MacMillan Estate, Autohaven Wreckers, Hawkins National Laboratory, Silent Hill, Red Forest.

Recommend Maps: Coal Tower, Blood Lodge, Gas Heaven, Grim Pantry, Mother’s Dwelling, The Temple of Purgation.

Some Facts About the Ghost Face

In DBD, Ghostface is one of the most difficult killers to master, and you can play him as an S-tier killer.

In Memento Mori, Ghostface brutally stabs the victim and takes a selfie with the dead body.

GhostFace Taking the Selfie
GhostFace Taking the Selfie

Ghostface can stalk survivors for 40-meter distance, and survivors can see Ghostface from 32 meters.

The Ghost Face, Danny Johnson in the Dead by Daylight is not a character in a film or TV series. Digital Ghostface rights are owned by Dead by Daylight.

Danny Johnson is inspired by the real serial killer Danny Rolling who killed 5 students in 4 days in Gainesville.

The flying straps on the Ghostface costume represent his connection with the Entity.

Personal Tips & Tricks

Sneak up on the survivor, never approach anyone directly, always hide or crouch.

The best way to follow/stalk a survivor is to lean, leaning helps to increase stalk rate by x2.

Never activate your Night Shroud in front of a hooked or a downed survivor, he/she can immediately reveal you.

While stalking a survivor at a short distance, try to crouch because it covers the maximum of Ghostface.

When the survivor reveals the Ghostface, you can hear the cue sound for a second. If you crouch and able to hide, then night sound won’t be deactivated, but if failed, power will be depleted.

Best maps for Ghostface in DBD are, whose where things are all over the place, and the killer can hide behind multiple objects. In simple words, don’t choose an open atmosphere world to play because the main power of Ghostface is to hide.

Ghostface is the high-skilled cap killer, that means if you don’t know how to play Ghostface, then you will do your worst, but If you can control Ghostface properly, then no survivor is going to escape.

Pros of Using the Ghost Face

  1. Even though crouching reduces speed, but if done at the right time, no survivor can point out the killer’s location.
  2. Other killers have a little disadvantage in mind gaming, but Ghostface can use Night Shourd to find any survivors.
  3. Even if the night Shroud is canceled, you can see the direction of the sighting.
  4. The average movement speed of the ghost face is greater than other killers.
  5. It has a cool scary skeleton mask.

Cons of Using the Ghost Face

  1. It is difficult to master Ghostface by just playing a few games.
  2. It is difficult to hide from survivors and stalking at the same time, it is not as simple as it looks.
  3. In a chase, survivors can easily look behind with a third-person view, and Ghostface power is deactivated without any indication.
  4. In a short distance (8-12 meters), the killer makes a noise like his footsteps, breathing, crouching that makes stalking even more difficult.
  5. When the night Shroud is deactivated all the survivors get notified, instead the survivor who exposed the killer should only get notified. Makes it unfair.
  6. Ghostface becomes useless in farm maps because corn, grass, reeds prevent stalking.

Ghostface Trivia

NameDanny Johnson / Jed Olsen
AliasThe Ghost Face
Terror Radius32 meters
Movement Speed115 % | 4.6 m/s
WeaponTactical Knife


In the end, I would say, I love playing the Ghostface, and it feels like a serial killer; without any supernatural abilities. He is not the best killer in the game, but not the worst. He is a high-skilled cap killer, if you master his controls, he can be unstoppable. Personally, I love his spooky mask and his style of killing. If you have not watched the Scream movie then go and watch, it’s a good thriller film.

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