10 Amazing Text-Based RPG Games Worth Playing

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Most of the video games today have high-graphic, real environment, great soundtrack & effect, and intriguing gameplay. But there is no imagination, you can read novels, books, but those are static stories. Text-based games take your imagination and fill it with a dynamic storyline. With RPG text-based, you can interact with the story, characters, environments, […]

10 Best Text Based Survival Games You Should Play

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Text-based games were the first computer games that introduced concepts like RPG, Fantasy, Survival, Dungeon, Cyberpunk in the gaming world. If you are wondering that text-based survival games are dying then let me tell you, people love and appreciate good modern text-based games. In this list, we will be covering the best text-based survival game […]

Among Trees Honest Review

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I love playing all sorts of survival games like horror, action, crafting, and open world. But this game, Among Trees, is something else, it’s a relaxing survival game with a chilled environment and soundtrack. The game is heavily inspired by games like Firewatch and The Long Dark. With no mission, no quest, you just need […]