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Top 10 Roblox Survival Games Ever

By Eric Soul | Updated 5 months ago | 6 Min Read

Roblox is a very popular gaming platform where users can play and create their own games. You can find tones of games in all genres, some games are lame, while some are notable.

Most of the survival games on Roblox are horror-survival but there are few titles that explore other survival environments. If you search through Roblox top games, you will come across many different horror games, but remember not all horror games are survival and vice versa.

For today’s list, we will be ranking the best survival games that you can play on Roblox. The games include not just horror but crafting, island, mystery, zombie, and comedy survival.

Before we start, let me tell you “State of Anarchy” is an underrated game, it has an intense horror environment of all.

Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival - Roblox
Natural Disaster Survival

It is one of the oldest survival games on Roblox and still the best survival game on the platform. It was released in March 2008 but was not popular until December 2011 when the developer(s) Stickmasterluke, seriously started working on the game.

The player spawns on a green island where they need to choose from 16 different maps and survive through 11 disasters to level up. It’s a multiplayer game, up to 30 players can join the world.

The players can fight with each other while surviving disasters like Flash Flood, Tornado, Thunderstorm, Fire, Meteor Shower, Tsunami, Blizzard, Acid Rain, etc.

The maps in Natural Disaster Survival are enclosed, where players are kind of trapped and need to quickly run when danger occurs. Some of the maps are Happy Home, Lucky Mart, Sunny Ranch, Glass Office, Sky Tower, Surf Central.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 - Roblox
Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a multiplayer game involving 12 players, from which one is a killer, one is sheriff, and ten are innocents. There are different maps from which players can select and three modes: casual, hardcore, and assassin. A user can switch mode at any time.

The killer has to kill all the innocents and a sheriff with various weapons that include rare, goldy, chroma, ancient, legendary, and vintage weapons. The maps are very different, and the players need to complete the game in a limited time.

Sheriff holds a gun to protect innocents from the killer, the innocents do not hold any weapon and cannot harm other players. If the sheriff is killed by a killer or if he/she shoots an innocent, sheriff dies. In this case, an innocent can pick the sheriff’s weapon, can kill the killer to become the Hero.

Innocents can only hide and run from the killer. Also, they can help the sheriff to catch the killer by witnessing the murder.

Survive the Killer!

Survive the Killer! - Roblox
Survive the Killer!

Survive the Killer! is a horror survival Roblox game developed by Slyce Entertainment and published in January 2020. The player can select either a killer or a survivor.

The goal of the killer is the kill as many survivors as soon as possible before the time runs out. The goal of the survivor is to avoid getting killed and escape the map in the given time. The survivors have three lives and can revive fellow survivor knocked out by the killer.

13 players can play at a time, killer holds a knife and can buy premium weapons.

Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility - Roblox
Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility is a survival escape game where the 5 players are stuck in deadly maps filled with traps, monsters, beasts, and evil entities. The survivors have to help each other to escape the facility.

The game is created by one of the Roblox users, MrWindy, heavily inspired by the game Dead by Daylight. The survivors must work together, need to hack a computer to open the exits and rescue whose survivors who are been captured by the beasts.

The game runs smoothly on phones, tablets, PC, and Xbox. Available in multiple languages. You can also get a chance to play with the developer of the game, MrWindy.

Build and Survive

Build and Survive - Roblox
Build and Survive

The game requires building and then surviving against the wave of zombies, robots, and giants. 10 Survivors building a base, to defend themselves and fight against hordes of monsters.

With each new wave, the powerful monster appears, the players can use different weapons, powerups, and help each other out. Unlock cool skins, customize weapons, and merge to make an ultimate weapon.

Build and Survive is a comedy-horror survival game developed by BIG Games and released in April 2019.

Tsunami Survival

Tsunami Survival - Roblox
Tsunami Survival

More than 90 maps player can select to die or to survive the coming Tsunami. 35 players surrounded by the water, must reach the highest ground before the tsunami hits them. The players are spawn on a map, within a given time, the player must build a cover to defend against tsunami or find something to hide.

If you are flooded in the tsunami, swim to a safe location, or get drowned, or get eaten by sharks. Each map has extra-unique hindrance for survivors along with flooding water. You can buy a pet to help you while drowning.

Tsunami Survival is created by one of the Roblox users, geniuswaterman5115, published in June 2019.

Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51

Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 - Roblox
Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51

Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 is a multiplayer horror survival game where the player can be a killer or a survivor. 100 players can play on various maps, there are 7 modes: Classic Mode, Extreme Classic Mode, Killer Mode, Endless Survival Mode, Area 51 Storming Mode, Killhouse Mode, and Juggernaut Mode.

Each mode has survivors and killers set in a unique way. The most played mode is Classic, where survivors need to hunt down AI-controlled killers. In Extreme Classic Mode, killers are more powerful than survivors. Killer Mode is a deathmatch against survivor and killers for 10 minutes.

There are many varieties of weapons survivors can buy to fight against the killers. Unlock different unique weapons, skins, power-ups.

The players can select killers like Leatherface, Michael Myers, Alien, Chucky, Giant Zombie, Granny, Jeff The Killer, Scream, and other popular killers from the ’90s.

Giant Survival

Giant Survival - Roblox
Giant Survival

Giant Survival, as the name suggests, players have to survive against large monsters/giants who are destroying the map. Currently, the game available is Giant Survival! Remastered, developed by Big Games.

8 players have to unite to fight giant, damaging giants, offer points that can be used to buy or upgrade weapons. Level up and raise cash to get an array of weapons and gears.

Clearing each new level, new maps & giants are introduced that are more powerful.

Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies - Roblox
Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies is the first-person shooter zombie-survival game, heavily inspired by Call of Duty, developed by logitech101, published in June 2016. The player has to battle against hordes of zombies, increasing with each new wave.

Killing zombies helps players earn points which they can use to buy new weapons and gears. Explore new regions where you can find more undead zombies. You can buy different types of weapons: Handguns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, and Wonder Weapons.

There are various perks you can use while fighting: Quick Revive, Double Tap Root Beer, Speed Cola, Mule Kick, and Juggernog. You can find other utilities & power-ups that assists you in the game.

State of Anarchy

State of Anarchy - Roblox
State of Anarchy

It is a lonely survival game in an isolated map, where players need to find weapons and kill anyone they see. State of Anarchy is an FPS game created by DEV_DUDES, is frequently updated, and new features are added (still in alpha stage).

The game set in alternate present-day Ukraine, where the entire state is in chaos and disorder. Soon the land is going to become warzone and no one can trust anyone. Kill or Get Killed!


Roblox is a very versatile platform for players and developers, some users create these outstanding games by their own and become a success. There are many survival games on Roblox, out of which the above games are really good. Play and give your response to the best survival games on Roblox.

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