Zombs Royale Honest Review

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Battle royale games have become very popular with games like PUBG and Fortnite. People love playing with other players in an enclosed map and being the last one to survive. The survival genre will always be appreciated by the player, no matter the game style.

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The craze of browser gaming

As we know, IO domains are becoming more popular for hosting online browser-based games. People love playing browser games because no installing is required and runs on a low-end PC.

Zombs Royale is one of the .io games that shows the potential of browser gaming. Of course, we cannot compare Zombs Royale with PUBG and Fortnite, but for a browser game, its an ultimate battle royale game right now.

Zombs Royale Honest Review

ZombsRoyale.io is a browser-based top-down battle royale game created by an American studio End Game. Initial, it was fortnite.io and is available for mobile, desktop, and web. It is designed as a classic battle game with 100-players surviving in a confined map.

ZombsRoyale Battle Royale
ZombsRoyale Battle Royale

How is the gameplay

Game set on a 2D grid-like map, Zombs Royale has one map that covers different regions like a jungle, snow, water, zombie land, cyberpunk, and desert. Honestly, for a new player, it can be difficult to move around and master the control because game controls are optimized for mobile.

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The game requires no compulsory login, saves data as a cookie that you easily lose. So to store data on their server permanently, you need to log in.

To control the player with WASD keys can be difficult for the beginner, but with some practice, anyone can master it. This game feels more comfortable with a joystick.

Night in ZombsRoyale
Night in ZombsRoyale

The game has various modes like Solo, Duos, Squads, and 50v50, each match ends in a specific time limit. The circular blue ring (the gas) shrinks as the game progresses and ends on a random location. The game also has a day and night feature.

Killing a Player with a Weapon in ZombsRoyale
Killing a Player with a Weapon in ZombsRoyale

You can find dozens of weapons that are categories as common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical. The game has a wide variety of weapons like Sniper, VSS, AK, M4, P90, Glock, XBow, Crossbow, Trident of the Depths, Rubber Gun, Goo Gun, Grenades, etc. It will take a week to understand all the weapon tier.

There is a health bar and the energy bar, you can find bandages, medkit, syringe/elixir, and ammo box. There are plenty of things to survive and plenty to die from.

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With each new season, different locations are added to the map, new battle passes are sold to level up with special offers. There are tons of clothing to unlock, since its a top-down game, there are hundreds of hats available.

Of course, there are other accessories you can buy like knives, parachutes, skins, weapons, clothes, etc. There are two in-game currency, Gold and Gems to upgrade and purchase various cosmetics.

After every 2-3 months, a new season comes out with a new battle pass, POIs, and skins.

Graphics and Performance

Zombs Royale has pretty good graphics comparing with other browser games and battle royale games. Users can select from the low, medium, and high graphics, but low graphics do not offer a proper gameplay.

For a PC/web browser, the game can run on the high graphic on a budget computer, use chrome or firefox browsers for the best experience. For a cheap mobile device, game lags and can hang your phone. If you have an iPhone or a decent android phone, then no need to worry.

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Some people have also reported overheating in android phones. Since it is a browser game, it can cause aim precision problems when many players are present on one screen.

Playing on a web browser, initial it will require 30-50 MB of your data to load game assets on your web browser. If you delete cache data, then again, you will need to load 30-50 MB. If you install it as the app, then you can play without any extra download.

Some Positive Points

  1. Ultimate battle royale game for browser.
  2. High graphic assets.
  3. Plenty of cosmetics.
  4. Cool weapons.
  5. New seasons with new goodies.
  6. Frequent updates and bug fixing.

Some Negative Points

  1. Poor control system.
  2. Lagging on some android devices.
  3. Aim precision problem.

Future Scope

Right now the game has millions of players and generates a lot of profit. Many streamers are playing Zombs Royale and will keep on promoting it. The ZombsRoyale team is introducing quarterly seasons with new battle passes, and players all around the world are buying it because they enjoy playing this game.

Victory in ZombsRoyale
Victory in ZombsRoyale

Developers of the game are always updating and making it better for web and mobile, so in my opinion, player-base will grow incremental, especially young players will love playing Zombs Royale in pass time.

Looking at the game when it was first released and now, the difference is significant and also looking at the downloads on Google play store, it says only one thing, that people are enjoying it.

At The End

I would like to share my experience while playing the Zombs Royale game. I love battle royale, survival games and I’m also a web developer & an indie game developer. I’m always into web technology and love watching its advancement from Flash games to WebGL games.

When I first played Zombs Royale, I was amazed by the fact that multiplayer game with so many features can run so smoothly on the web browser. I research and found the companies invested $3 million when this game was in development mode.

Since then the game has improved a lot and I’m still playing this game to refresh myself. I also play other browser games like starve.io, slither.io, wormax.io.

Play and have fun!

Initial release dateMarch 14, 2018
GenresBattle royale, survival, browser game
Developed byEnd Game
PlatformsWeb browser, Android, iOS, Windows

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